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BLACKPINK - '24/365 with BLACKPINK' EP.4

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  • 게시일 2020. 07. 23.
  • #BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #24_365_WITH_BLACKPINK #EP4 #KRclip #YG
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  • Priyanshu
    Priyanshu 2 년 전 +8426

    Jisoo is a whole comedian. Blackpink didn’t lie when they said she makes everyone around her laugh.

  • Clxudyjj
    Clxudyjj 2 년 전 +4456

    I’ve noticed whenever Jennie is with Jisoo she has this whole different personality like soft and playful and cute and she doesn’t really look sad or uncomfortable it makes me happy 😊

    • Ananya
      Ananya 2 년 전 +165

      true...jennie and jisoo are best friends in Blackpink

    • Luxs
      Luxs 2 년 전 +49

      @Ananya they all are 😒❤️

    • josie
      josie 2 년 전 +51

      The group is just very respectful to the members and we love that

    • StrawberryPie
      StrawberryPie 2 년 전 +12

      OMG YAY

    • Bianka Nadindra kirana
      Bianka Nadindra kirana 2 년 전 +3


  • luvvies
    luvvies 2 년 전 +2243


  • Aiko Sinag
    Aiko Sinag 2 년 전 +413

    BLACKPINK is one of the groups that every member is down to earth, respect each other and will naturally treat each other like family, real sisters. No one member is higher than another kind a feeling. Highest respect to them.

  • Gloomey
    Gloomey 2 년 전 +1166

    The staff laughing at jisoo is a whole mood

  • Guia Gonzales
    Guia Gonzales 년 전 +21

    I can feel Jennie’s pain but I cant help but laugh… best episode!!

  • Kevin Thai
    Kevin Thai 2 년 전 +3422

    BLACKPINK is the only reason I haven't gone insane in 2020 😂

    • JA
      JA 2 년 전 +23

      Same 😂

      GL1TTERZZ 2 년 전 +15

      Kevin Thai SAMEEEEE

    • Alex George
      Alex George 2 년 전 +10

      Same 😂😂

    • sam
      sam 2 년 전 +22

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    • Hikaru Habibie
      Hikaru Habibie 2 년 전 +2


  • Cloud
    Cloud 2 년 전 +2522

    Rosé and Jisoo is looking unique beautiful and cute

    • potterhead
      potterhead 2 년 전 +41

      Yeah.Rosé's hair color is so great.

    • Shreeya & Sudiksha
      Shreeya & Sudiksha 년 전 +7

      Everyone is noticing Jisso's & rosé hairstyle & outfit... But nobody noticed that Jennie was limping at 6:59 ( bcoz her ankle was injured at tht time)...I feel very bad fr Jennie... But I always love Jennie even if other's will nt do... I will support her forever ❤❤

    • mariyam rasheedha
      mariyam rasheedha 년 전 +1

      @Shreeya & Sudiksha i felt so sad when i heard jennie ankle was injured

    • ศรีรันต์ ทองดํา
      ศรีรันต์ ทองดํา 년 전

      @Bianka Nadindra kirana what is her

  • Shi Denaga
    Shi Denaga 2 년 전 +954

    Jisoo is a mood! 😂😍❤️

  • yyyyyty
    yyyyyty 5 개월 전 +20

    I've watched this many times and never get tired of it

  • Bruninha Somerhalder
    Bruninha Somerhalder 2 년 전 +181

    Lisa is a lot of fun 😂😂 her energy is engaging. A lot of health to her and all the girls 🙏

  • Nur Natasya
    Nur Natasya 년 전 +177

    Jisoo is a mood booster 😂❤️

  • hamham | juls
    hamham | juls 2 년 전 +1012

    Jisoo is a real comedian. She doesn't have to try so hard to make JenLiChaeng laugh 💜

    • Sunil J
      Sunil J 2 년 전 +3

      @onur kılınç stop it!

    • Bryan Timothy
      Bryan Timothy 2 년 전 +4

      She doesnt even need to try..

  • b 1 s e x u 4 l
    b 1 s e x u 4 l 2 년 전 +1448

    okay but can we talk about that "I'm hungry" phrase by Jisoo? that was adorable asf

    • blink41
      blink41 2 년 전

      Can someone please tell the difference between bis*xual and lesbian?

    • Sakura Mimi
      Sakura Mimi 2 년 전 +12

      Bis*xual means you are attracted girls and guys, and lesbian means a women only being attracted women.

  • I live in Taylor Swift's drawer

    This is one of the funniest moments of BLACKPINK in history!
    I died laughing!
    They were born for being naturally funny!

  • Rifa Haysha
    Rifa Haysha 년 전 +147

    Rosé does get ignored sometimes its because she is a little introvert and kind of shy but whenever she smiles and talks and be herself
    The Room Becomes soo warm and fun..

  • Christian Alinsugay
    Christian Alinsugay 2 년 전 +310

    i lost my mom yesterday. thank you Blackpink for cheering me up during these tough times. ❤️❤️

  • fel
    fel 2 년 전 +359

    Jisoo is a whole comedian. She make other laugh all the times. Jisoo must always deserve better. Without jisoo the will be no blackpink✨

  • Annastacia M
    Annastacia M 2 년 전 +272

    Just seeing Jisoo makes my heart flutter. She’s so cute adorable and funny. Her personality is outstanding for me.

  • Annie Im
    Annie Im 2 년 전 +374

    Personality is a huge factor in stanning idols for me, and jisoo snatched my wig right away

    • Annastacia M
      Annastacia M 2 년 전 +6

      Annie Im same!!

    • Yuki James
      Yuki James 2 년 전 +5

      Jisoo is the only one who lets loose

      MATI KATAK 2 년 전 +20

      Yes true. Doesn’t hold back. No reservation. A beautiful genuine soul. She deserves so much more.

    • Liz R
      Liz R 2 년 전 +2

      S A M E 🥺🥺

    • just Tinz
      just Tinz 2 년 전 +3


  • Cris Rodriguez
    Cris Rodriguez 년 전 +41

    Jisoo's laughter is so contagious.

  • JeanieBeanie
    JeanieBeanie 2 년 전 +777

    Jennie and Jisoo dying watching Lisa: "Oh my gosh. I can't watch her choose."
    I felt their agony sooo hard 😂

    • Huong Nguyen
      Huong Nguyen 년 전


    • Power
      Power 년 전 +17

      Lisa choose what rosé like & Rosé choose also what lisa like. HAHAHA!

  • Dua JeMm
    Dua JeMm 2 개월 전 +3

    Rosé is so funny

  • d5lrs wynter
    d5lrs wynter 2 년 전 +374

    Jisoo be stealing my heart in this show. I know she’s always this funny BUT She’s so funny wtf 😂

    ARMY BLINK TV 2 년 전 +573

    Jisoo looks sooo cute in that dress and with that hairstyle cuteness overloaded
    When Jisoo is speaking with Jennie at 53 second Rosie's smile! Out of the world
    When Jennie feels solo she fall down
    jennie: BICHE I AM SOLO
    Lisa is outstanding with that dree

  • pia
    pia 2 년 전 +277

    The way Rosé switched from a hysterically laughing to a panicking face at 11:03. Gets me everytime. 😭


    Rosé is so funny haha

  • Phương Nguyên
    Phương Nguyên 2 년 전 +78

    Jisoo so wonderful , jennie so cute, rose so beutiful, lisa so cool!!!!!!!! :333333 I love BlackPink!!!! Blink forever!!!! 🖤💗

  • nanumi mwpcy
    nanumi mwpcy 2 년 전 +80

    This is my first time binge watching bp's variety show and i cannot count how many times i have laughed because of the members' chemistry. Their personalities onstage is so much different from this lmaoo. Aight i guess i might fully stan them now

  • Rosé Posé
    Rosé Posé 2 년 전 +177

    How cute Rosé when she is choosing the ingredients. 😂😂😂
    And Jisoo never fails to make me laugh.

  • MBL
    MBL 2 년 전 +112

    Jisoo's silliness for me is one of the main attractions of her, I love it 😊😊

  • geeta patgar
    geeta patgar 8 개월 전 +40

    Jisooo is real fun and makes anything better❤️🥹

  • blackpinkislife
    blackpinkislife 년 전 +29

    Rewatching this because I'm missing them too much. Waiting for Blackpink content 🖤

  • Cleve
    Cleve 2 년 전 +9

    This episode is life. It's one of those you watch it when your in a bad mood to bring your mood back up

  • ʙʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴠᴇʟᴠᴇᴛ

    모두 인정합니다. 지수는 지구상에서 가장 재미있는 사람들 중 한 명입니다. 👑✨💖

  • 시린
    시린 2 년 전 +88

    Jennie is so adorable and Jisoo is so much fun. This was so enjoyable to watch, I got hungry although I don’t eat almost any food they eat. The visuals of the girls is outstanding 😯

    • Young Demimondé
      Young Demimondé 2 년 전

      Blackpink is overrated part 4: krclip.com/video/i1EP3XSrcG0/비디오.html

  • jay sin
    jay sin 2 년 전 +450

    I can't with jisoo she's too adorable

  • Flz
    Flz 2 년 전 +229


  • Vishaali U H
    Vishaali U H 26 일 전 +1

    I died laughing here... It's a fun guaranteed feast for blinks😂😂😂😂

  • Channel Cparida
    Channel Cparida 2 년 전 +383

    Rosé is so cute and innocent , she like a baby

  • Hari Gurkha
    Hari Gurkha 11 개월 전 +2

    Jennie beautiful smile 😊 Wow

  • Henry Ng
    Henry Ng 2 년 전 +98

    Blackpink is the only one who can drag out a picnic day to be a month's long content...and everyone still watches it

  • raniak
    raniak 2 년 전 +146

    Jisoo is that type that when she was a child(she still is) she was the most cheerful,crazy.happy person and the others too but i think jisoo is a bit more

  • Allisson Salazar
    Allisson Salazar 년 전 +1

    Blinks ay que ayudar a rose en Gone a llegar a 200M antes de que se cumpla 1 año agamos un esfuerzo por rosita🙏y también escuchen on the ground🙏plis ay que aser un esfuerzo por rosita🥰

  • Dominic Sin
    Dominic Sin 28 일 전

    i am fairly a new fan of black pink and after watching these episodes i love them more lmfao

  • Sherena Ng
    Sherena Ng 2 년 전 +2

    It was just sooo funny and yet touching at the same time when everyone left the meat for Lisa to choose, and Lisa thought the rest chose the meat already :) Definitely a blackpink memorable moment :) love all of them, esp love their team lov, hope they can have more Blackpink Diaries and blackpink team vlogs :)))

  • Aadi
    Aadi 2 개월 전 +2

    Jisoo rocks 😂

  • Turtle Bunny
    Turtle Bunny 2 년 전 +310

    They fit on a variety shows, we need BLACKPINK on a variety show

  • littlebeargurl
    littlebeargurl 2 년 전 +469

    Staff: we even bought a charcoal grill, it's no use now.
    Jisoo: waeyo?? We have sausages, i like charcoal sausages
    Savage kim jisoo hahaha

  • Amy M
    Amy M 2 년 전 +5

    The editing in this episode is just so good. Round of applause for the staff team!

  • BpIYArea
    BpIYArea 년 전 +12

    Watching this multiple times is hilarious & it makes me realize that what we’re seeing is a real genuine group that works perfectly together & cares for one another. This is a once in a lifetime group chemistry that we’re witnessing 😍

  • Aylin Hdz
    Aylin Hdz 2 년 전 +5

    Jisoo es simplemente adorable

  • Trending_SHORTS
    Trending_SHORTS 년 전 +1

    Rosé face is just amazing beautiful..like fairy , angel 😘😘🥰🥰🥰

  • Bojie
    Bojie 2 년 전 +136

    I really love jennie's natural aura ... She's just so chill and easy going and funny to be around ...

  • Sarah
    Sarah 9 개월 전

    12:26 is perfect chaos. Jennie over it and not waiting for the results. Rosé almost in tears. All four of them questioning their choices in life.

  • Vian Hessam
    Vian Hessam 년 전 +1

    Rosé so cute and beautiful. Her outifit is really great we love you so much baby rosé 😍❤😘❤😗❤😙❤

  • Khushi Tiwari
    Khushi Tiwari 년 전 +101

    How can I believe that JISOO is the oldest member I mean she is just GLOWING DAY BY DAY.....💜👑🐢🐇

  • Nur Syamimi
    Nur Syamimi 2 개월 전

    So beautiful Blackpink ❤

  • Priyanshu
    Priyanshu 2 년 전 +660

    The title should be like:
    -Jisoo being funny for 15 minutes straight
    -Lisa being wild for 15 minutes straight
    -Rosé being sweet for 15 minutes straight
    -Jennie being a boss for 15 minutes straight

  • ASMR xoxo
    ASMR xoxo 2 년 전 +4

    You guys are amazing !!! I love you Jennie jisoo Lisa Rose
    You guys are Queens👸👸👑👑

  • Hafiz Muzani
    Hafiz Muzani 2 년 전 +13

    always love Jisoo voice~~~😍😍😍😍😍

  • Shareen Siddiqui
    Shareen Siddiqui 11 개월 전

    My Queens 👑💯❤️

  • Hanshi Ka
    Hanshi Ka 2 년 전 +791

    1:03 Are we just gonna ignore Jisoo’s “I’m hungry”?
    She’s soooo cuuuute

  • twenty eight
    twenty eight 년 전 +3

    I really love Jisoo's🐰 sense of humor..😁

  • Misba Bhat
    Misba Bhat 2 년 전 +243

    Jisoos " Nice shot" is the funniest thing in this episode😂

    • xdwnn
      xdwnn 2 년 전 +4

      @гриша и эрен йега Stop spamming it under every comment... No one is interested

  • blink in area
    blink in area 2 년 전 +6

    I am very happy to see them.(Lisa+rose, jenny+jiso) sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are serious ... hope they are always like this forever ... love JenChuLiChaeng

  • Hermioneee Jean
    Hermioneee Jean 2 년 전 +20

    Their face when Lisa did not chose beef was hilarious 😂

  • Life is Oh My Ghad
    Life is Oh My Ghad 3 개월 전 +1

    It's 2023 and I still comeback to watch the girls having fun.

  • Frozenfire Jenchulichaeng

    😂😂😂 if i had a bad day I always check on this episode's on 24/365 😂🖤💕 comedians 😂👏🏻👏🏻

  • T
    T 9 개월 전

    its hella cute to see them caring so much more about what the others like to eat rather than choosing the food they lile

  • luv mark
    luv mark 2 년 전 +387

    Jisoo: part-time idol, full time comedian

  • Fadilla Sherlyna
    Fadilla Sherlyna 2 년 전

    I love how cute and funny they are off stage hahaha

  • ND D
    ND D 년 전 +7

    Omg jisooo....I can't stop laughing at her. She's so funny

  • Y/N
    Y/N 년 전 +1

    7:53 The way jisoo run is really funny 🤣

  • Cecilia Luna
    Cecilia Luna 2 년 전

    Gracias por compartirnos contenido de blackpink 💜

  • jf
    jf 년 전 +3

    JISOO. I wish she knows that her happiness makes millions other happy too. Her smile make millions of us smile for days. 🥰

  • Aleksa Kitanović
    Aleksa Kitanović 2 년 전 +180

    This episode was so funny, especially because their telepathy "worked" and they chose the same ingridients LOL

    • a a
      a a 2 년 전 +5

      jenlisa is real !!❤️jennie said to Lisa let's cook together

    • Cozy like Rosie
      Cozy like Rosie 2 년 전

      Jenso and chaelisa

    • Buff Beidou
      Buff Beidou 2 년 전

      Uh- can y'all not bring ships for once? Please ;-; just this one time!

    • Clxudyjj
      Clxudyjj 2 년 전

      @a a can you not delusional

    • Clxudyjj
      Clxudyjj 2 년 전

      @a a and that literally means nothing lmao

  • Luvjisooya
    Luvjisooya 2 년 전 +4

    Comedians in your area 😂 I want this episode to continue forever 😂

  • Salsabila Firdaus
    Salsabila Firdaus 년 전 +1

    oh gosh,, i really really miss them so much😭

  • 💛soft_rose💛
    💛soft_rose💛 개월 전 +3

    ❤ Queen Rose ❤

  • Teena James
    Teena James 11 개월 전

    Jisoo stole my heart❤️

  • Come a little closer to see BLΛƆKPIИK

    Jisoo is a whole comedian.

  • Angela Z
    Angela Z 2 년 전 +137

    They’re so chill and normal, it’s hard to grasp that:
    - JENNIE is a human *Chanel*
    - ROSÉ is a face of *Yves Saint Laurent*
    - LISA is for *Celine*
    - JISOO is for *Dior*

    • manish choudhary
      manish choudhary 2 년 전 +5

      Lisa is the BVLGARI brand ambassador too.
      While for celine she is just a muse.

    • gto
      gto 2 년 전 +1

      They are just competent enough

  • Ece Candan
    Ece Candan 2 년 전


  • Liz Celestino
    Liz Celestino 2 년 전

    Pongan subtítulos en español por favor!!!!!Las Amo♡♡

  • Raven
    Raven 개월 전 +1

    Jennie being the expression queen ❤😂

  • Forever yours😘
    Forever yours😘 11 개월 전 +2

    Waaaaa they all look so adorable, i ca'nt stop laughing at their expressions😂😂😂

  • shan bsmt
    shan bsmt 8 개월 전 +1

    Jisoo is so adorable 😍😍😍😍😍

  • @blu heart
    @blu heart 2 년 전 +2303

    Jisoo is so naturally funny.... Shes the oldest but she act like the youngest. 😊😊😊

  • LA Lang
    LA Lang 년 전 +2

    Jisoo is the mother of the group and the Baby at the same time😍🤣

  • taehyungie’s magic shop

    I truly love watching blackpink

  • Rajani Rani
    Rajani Rani 년 전 +8

    This is the funniest episode for me 😂🤣🤣🤣 I literally died of laughter 😀😂

  • Shweta Yadav
    Shweta Yadav 년 전 +3

    Jisoo is the cutest and most funniest baby girl

  • Xyym
    Xyym 4 개월 전 +1

    Jisoo is always their wild card 🤣

  • Fia Rose Paborada
    Fia Rose Paborada 2 년 전 +57

    Im cryinggg jisooyaa😭 i want them to make every episodes longer like 1 hour or 2😅

  • Pelin
    Pelin 2 년 전 +4


  • Lê Huỳnh Thương
    Lê Huỳnh Thương 6 개월 전 +1

    로제와 리사는 똑같은 선택을 하고 지수와 제니는 똑같은 선택을 하는군요. ❤❤

  • Saamea Sarfaraz
    Saamea Sarfaraz 년 전

    Watching again because I miss them a lot

  • Sayenka
    Sayenka 년 전 +4

    Jennie: I want to witness everything for myself.
    Jennie afterwards: *falls to the ground in despair*
    Our girls are the cutest in the whole world 🥰

  • Jisoo is my mine~Silla~
    Jisoo is my mine~Silla~ 11 개월 전 +1

    Always support you Kim Jisoo ~